Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Tabletop is now my favorite hobby

This is the most opinion-based you can get, throwing out there why your hobby x is better than y, but there it is. I used to be much more into video games, and I still consider them an amazingly dynamic, evolving form of entertainment that for me, outstrips television and even movies every time. But in the end, you're still playing in a box the creator envisioned.  Tabletop sets the world, events, and npcs at the whim of your own imagination, whereas even the most immersive and in-depth, in-character mmorpg has not yet even sucked me in enough to develop a backstory, although I have some hopes of World of Darkness online remedying this. This is why I think tabletop as a hobby needs to spread and continue and not fade away. I know that it isn't fading away yet, but I also know that every year, the list of players gets shorter as real life pulls people away, at least in my experience, and also that every year, more gaming stores that carry roleplay books fade away. And I really dislike having to buy a reader and use pdfs for all my tabletop needs, so on a side note, I really hope Print on Demand takes off as a viable alternative to the dying breed that is the game store.

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  1. Loss of Gaming shops is a huge deal for the industry, I have lost count of the number of book I have bought due to idle browsing (or even a chat with random unknowns at shops).

    you just dont get this with PDF's/print on demand/online shops.