Sunday, June 23, 2013

Gearing Up!

So, I am practically ready to run the first session of Return of the Frostwolves, an alternate Warcraft II campaign single player for my best friend. It will involve dark deeds and great heroics, and is a chance for him to finally play again rather than gming all the time. All I have left is to finish uploading and arranging the maps I scanned and stat out the npcs and enemies. Also, I have gotten two more players interested as stated before for the Battle for Los Angeles campaign. While I would really like four players, it's looking like three is going to have to work for now, with maybe a fourth added later. I am currently waiting on rewrites from at least two and potentially all three of the players, as even Cole has said he feels his character is a little overly dramatic for his tastes, and could be rewritten for better use of his personality. The other two are fellow students at Digipen, both of which chose female characters although the players are male, and both had somewhat stunted first attempts at character creation, so I asked for rewrites. This is not surprising, however, as first off they are unfamiliar with the 8 - step creation guide, and also possibly with non dungeon crawl sorts of campaigns. Also, I have been thinking on my plan to write a supplement for Demon myself, and may attempt this the rest of the summer provided I can get my campaigns rolling and get my change of major essays and financial aid appeal accepted. Finally, am STILL waiting on the Werewolf 20th Anniversary Edition books I paid for in the Kickstarter all those months ago, and am also eagerly awaiting the release of Demon: the Descent in August as well as looking to pick up a copy of the God Machine Chronicles which ties into Demon the Descent and Kickstart Mage 20th in the fall also.
Will post again as soon as I run the first session of Frostwolves!! Excited!!