Tuesday, April 9, 2013

So, mapping and constructing the Warcraft campaign fell by the wayside in favor of Magic the Gathering this spring, and then studying as I finally realized I had to study four hours a freakin day to keep up on the classes after my appeal was accepted! I'm still horrible on time management, and don't manage to get that four hours nearly every day, but I'm slowly getting better. In other news I have to move out by the 27th so I may end up taking out loans yet again for housing since it is so expensive here. I am currently looking at filling up my schedule's free time with finishing the prep work for Warcraft, since at least the player is 100% solid on that. It's also a single player, which allows much more customization of the campaign and setting around the character/player than a group campaign. After that, I am gonna try to get this behemoth of a campaign known as Battle for Los Angeles off the ground yet again, for a third fucking time, as the player of the Slayer musician bitched out after the first session, since he dropped out of school and hasn't kept in contact. This is the last time I find players of fucking Pathfinder for actual roleplay, or for that matter, ANY variant of Dungeons & Dragons. Fuck those tards. I am sick and goddamn tired of players ditching out on my campaigns after I put hours upon hours of effort into them. So, I am running the Battle for LA one last try, with the player of the Scourge bodyguard, and my friend who is in the Warcraft campaign as the second player, sometime this summer. If that doesn't work, I'll just scrap the campaign since it's sickeningly depressing to have so many campaigns and iterations of campaigns dropped due to fucktarded players dipping out and not anything I can fix. In other news, I am still playing in the Mage Noir campaign, and that is going fantastic. I will post soon about the Warcraft campaign, once I get it started, with session notes and a overview. Til then, stay cool my nonexistent audience.