Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Update
So, apologies for all the misplaced rage against Pathfinder. I am just frustrated I guess, as no one seemed to care to actually put in the work and stay in contact for a campaign I had put so much work into. I have finally found what I think is shaping up to be a solid group, for once. There are still some communication issues, but I hope to get those ironed out before play starts, as this is the last go round for me, at least on this campaign. I have three players with characters and a fourth promising to make one Friday. Also, things are proceeding apace for the Warcraft campaign. I have scheduled tonight to run a practice session to figure out the workings of Tristat Dx. I hope to run the first session sometime in early June, given the time constraints it may have to be late June though. I have also spent far too much time on mastering Terran on Starcraft II, and am eagerly awaiting my two glorious copies of Werewolf the Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition. Hopefully they'll be mailed off soon, the last update said they were proofing the book at the printers. I will work on preludes for Battle for LA once I have firmly set the stage for running the first session of the Warcraft Campaign.