Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Frostwolves Prelude Complete!

I have completed the Frostwolves Prelude session, which had to be broken into two parts due to length and my best friends' fatigue...
It went really well overall despite once again struggling with the "crunch" aspects of Tri Stat this time, just as I have with every other system. I hope someday I don't fucking have so much trouble with dice rolls. The map editor which I used, Seashore, could also use some improvement. I also got Spark RPG in the mail yesterday!! Super excited to read it!!

Without further ado, here is my prelude session plan:
Vision Quest:
Having taken some Peyote and Mescaline, you behold a great valley, and upon it stand thousands of Orc and Human warriors, of which you only know they are humans by the pink skin in their eye slits, as they are wearing full plate armor and armed with swords and shields. You call upon the spirits for guidance, as they charge full bore into one another, and the carnage begins. As Orc and Human fall to each others’ blades, the sky begins to darken, and rains fire. The fire assembles itself into some sort of artificial creatures, and begins decimating the survivors, a fearsome force of burning rock and elemental balefire. Next, you spy the Orcish Warchief, Doomhammer, sitting atop a pile of corpses, a sickness in his eyes, and then another figure, wreathed in shadow, plunges a dagger into his heart. A crow calls of death and battle, and the last that is left of the Orcs and Humans on this world are their pennants and the ruins of their citadels, as you fly outwards and see the world covered in darkness. The last sight you see is a great shadowy figure, with red glowing eyes, gloating in the dark.

First Actual Scene:
You stand before a council of elders - orcs as grizzled and experienced as they come. You have been waiting all your life for this moment, to be chosen to pursue a greater destiny than that of farmer or even warrior. To your left is a great orc general, Korgath Bladefist, white haired and grizzled with his eye patch and hook hand from battles long past. To your right is the legendary Grom Hellscream, most fearsome warrior in the horde, hair in disarray and a great cleaver in hand. The foremost orc among them, Orgrim Doomhammer, motions you closer with his gauntleted finger, a piercing gaze in his eyes as he whispers: “you have been chosen to represent the frostwolves, if you dare.” His gaze is somber, his jaw set, as he sits upon his throne in Blackrock Spire. Going through the dark portal was the weirdest experience you’ve had, until now. When you realize that you, Asketil Stormbrew, of all the orcs have been chosen for this great destiny. Until now, you were merely a warrior, but you already feel the call of something greater, a destiny reaching even to the stars and beyond. “You will go to Medivh’s tower, and claim his corpse, for the Horde desires proof of his destruction. It will not be easy, and we will not send anyone with you. You must do this, you alone. If you are strong enough, we will allow you to begin marshaling troops for a greater conquest across the sea. Go now. Do not fail us, young Stormbrew.” With that, you are ushered out by the grunts, only barely catching a foul glare from one of the advisors as you are marched to the armory to ready for your journey abroad. Only days ago, you had been a simple grunt yourself, and believed the clan to be all but dead, despite your father’s best efforts to the contrary. You are armed with an axe, armor and clothing, as well as a pack with provisions, rope,a grappling hook, and a crudely drawn map. That is all you have now. You know that to disobey the council is death, and that this is a great honor as well. The open road awaits you.

Scene: Open Road
NAME sets out on his journey to Medivh’s tower.
As night falls, Skeleton Warriors set upon the young Warrior. (Swamp of Sorrows)
Scene: Rest for the Night.

Scene: Elwynn Forest
As you near the middle of this dark forest, you notice a golden glow emanating from the murky center of the forest. As you clear your way through an especially dense copse of trees, you find the legendary cross of Arkenshire in a clearing. It glows gold even in the waning sunlight, and was said to grant great holy power to the one who wields it. As you near the cross, you notice a web around the trunk on which it rests.
Encounter: Giant Spiders

Reward: Cross of Arkenshire.

Scene: the Cave
As you near the mouth of the cave, you find yourself facing a strange creature, with pale skin and a war club gripped firmly in one hand, wearing only a satchel over one shoulder and a loincloth. He has one cyclopean eye in the middle of his head and his hair is pulled back into a pony tail. He menaces you with the club, and then turns around, as growling appears from the cave mouth, and two cave bears come slightly into the light. He looks back and forth from you to the cave bears, worriedly, and then bellows a war cry.
Encounter: Trapped Ogre, cornered by Cave Bears. Ogre wants a greater purpose but does not trust Orcs because he has never encountered them before. He is guarded but not overly hostile, and is true to his word/honorable.
Reward: Ogre Companion Gro’Shul(if Bartered for in exchange for help)
Scene: Winding cave with pitfalls and Dark Dwarves and traps.

Scene: Medivh’s Tower
Scene: Stairs have collapsed, NAME will have to rappel up to the Tower proper.
Scene: showdown with Tower Guardian(Fire Elemental Boss)
ACV 13 DCV 11 Health 180
Damage: 35 per shot
Weakness: Water (80 Damage per hit, regardless of size of water)
Reward: Medivh’s corpse, renown. Vision of Medivh’s plans and the dark army from Medivh’s ghost.

Scene: Return to Blackrock Spire
Scene: The Quest
Orgrim tells Asketil of his vision of the Horde overcoming the pink skins and conquering this world for it’s resources. He gives him leave to gather a company to reform the exiled clan, and gives him a Great Axe and Mithril Armor as a token of gratitude and esteem. He is then told to survey the areas for other threats to the burgeoning Horde, and subsequently stock up at the Orc Outpost and then train the company in the art of sailing and seafaring. Meanwhile, an armada of ships is being assembled at the Harbor. Also to gather any other allies such as this Ogre(who is made a captain).