Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New News!!!

LO all(looks around at crickets chirping in the moonlight). I have good news on most fronts!!!

I may first off, get my books back from Austin, (though not my money), so at least that wasn't a total wash. Plus, on that front, I could potentially reuse the setting for less D&D-centric non-tarded players.

Also I got an idea while perusing the V20 book as to a secret town, where everything is struck to total secrecy, sorta like the vampires in Salems Lot, the Great and Secret show by Clive Barker kept popping into my head also while thinking about this, so I may have to read that again as I don't remember it.

Also, my friend wants to continue his Zombies in Seattle campaign ala internets. So, I'll have some work to do to revamp my character, the biker Alex Ross.

On a side note, I have been working on a short story for my creative writing class that is just brimming with potential to be a novel, and funnily enough, I encountered two people affiliated with White Wolf(it's a World of Darkness story) that are named the same as my character, Matthew Burke, a name I just picked out of thin air.

Also Also, I may be rerunning my great epic single player saga, World of Darkness Africa, aka the Grant Stone Campaign!!

Furthermore, I've got a fellow Starcraft II player where I live interested in playing Wraith: the oblivion. Now I've just gotta read the book myself(been getting behind on my RPG reading these days as my book count goes up).

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

V20 Arriveth!!!

Just got my copy of V20, all leatherbound n' shit, and ye gods is it gorgeous!!! I'll have further updates once I either a) figure out online rping on a mac, or b) read this beast of a book.