Saturday, September 28, 2013

Overworked and Underpaid

So, things have been crazy hectic what with starting up the new semester and my room mate wanting me out as soon as possible. Therefore, and also because of several of my players dragging their feet, I've been unable to launch Battle for LA yet. Also STILL waiting on W20! Beyond those things, I did get some interest sparked by more people on BAttle for LA, just no character creation yet except by one more player. Also a little stumped on how I want to proceed with session 2 of Frostwolves as of yet. Planning on sitting down and brainstorming on both campaigns this weekend, although it will be tough to come up with exciting preludes for BAttle for LA without character sheets. Also hard to find the time with 8 page papers with section specific rubrics in one class, and spending six days a week at the school to get work done. Will update as soon as I have something definite in order for either campaign! Later!