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Battle for Los Angeles Prelude 2

The second prelude didn't go quite as well as the first one, mostly due to me being tired, the sound being hard to hear, and all that adding up to me having trouble keeping the right frame of mind for proper narration and adaptation to the players actions. Otherwise, a pretty decent session, aside from the fact that the software I got to record, IShowU, crashed when I stopped it and it was trying to save the session video/audio. :/
Character Write Up:
Georgia “George” Mia Buckholt

George is about six feet tall and has short dyed red hair intermixed with some dark black. She

wears glasses and is shortsighted. She never cared much about clothes, especially given how little

money she had growing up, so she used to wear goodwill t­shirts. That has continued until today,

typically wearing dark colors and black jeans. When it gets colder she also wears an old leather

jacket and gloves. She typically carries a weapon of some sort, even if she doesn't have the money

to buy bullets a large handgun is still intimidating.

Georgia was born in a small town in Louisiana named Dewit. Her parents were happy to have her, and

they lived in that town for about five years until they had another child. They realized that that the

schools were not what they wanted, and so moved to Georgia with their two children, George and

Conner. The family lived happily until about three years later George's mother, named Livinia, died in

childbirth. The baby, named Amer lived, but the entire family fell into a depression. George knew that

she had to help keep the family together, though it was extremely rough for several years. Her dad still

worked, but eventually began passing between jobs with some frequency, meaning money was very

tight. George supplemented the income with babysitting, but it just allowed them to get by.

When George turned fifteen she got her first real job and began to neglect school for it. She got in more

fights at school as well, at one point being expelled from the nearest public school and forced to move

to one much further away. She graduated high­school and immediately went to working full time. She

wanted to attend college but knew that with her father's increasing depression it would be impossible.

On her 20

getting fired. Upon arriving home she learned that her father had been drunk at work again, and was

also fired. She grew so angry at him that she beat him up enough to send him to the hospital.

With that she left, knowing that she was hurting her family more by doing so, but she was too afraid to

stay. She hitchhiked her way across half the country and then managed to find a job flipping burgers at

a restaurant in LA. She wanted to get as far away from home as possible, and decided California was

pretty much that. She has not contacted her family since, and doesn't know how they are doing. She

wants to know how they're going, in fact she wants to go back home and be welcomed in, but is too

embarrassed and scared. Of course due to her fragile mental state she has been getting rougher and

rougher with her fellow employees and customers.

Because of this she was fired and then gave up, retreating into the streets of a city that doesn't care

about her. I have chosen her as a vessel, well she had chosen me more than anything else. She has

decided to act against those who are wrong in her eyes. Evil doers or liars or cheaters. I can not say

why she acts this way, I believe it is some sort of repentance, hoping to balance the divine scales. She

is alone in this, besides me of course, and intends to keep it that way until she believes that she has

made up for her misdeeds. She typically goes after small fries but in one case she found something too

big for her too handle, but also too big for her to ignore.

In her neighborhood there were a number of nightwalkers. She had ignored them previously figuring

they brought it upon themselves, and they had other options but ignored them. From a part time drug

dealer however she found out that there was a much larger plot going on, and the girls were all

mistreated and if they tried to escape the life they would be killed. This could not abide, but she knew

she couldn't handle it on her own. Only when she sunk into a deep depression did I come and offer her

some help in exchange for a body. Desperate as she was she accepted with no reservations. Now it is

time to see if she ends up regretting her decision.

As for me, I am Remiel. Though I speak only through the vessel now I used to have a voice that

th birthday things went very wrong for George. She had a fight at work which resulted in her

showed all the hurt and mistrust inherent in humanity. I was the one who put it there in fact, the

shadows of doubt that clouds minds and crush civilizations. I am not proud of it, but every bit of

humanity needed to be made, and a good portion of it hurts more than it helps. For any progress to be

made there needs to be some doubt, otherwise mistakes will always be made, over and over. I helped to

create everything they have made and still we are hated by them, the foolish humans.

Now I look like nothing, merely a shadow of my former self hiding in a girl. In the old days, during the

Time of Atrocities, I was a beacon of Vengance. My sword dripped with the blood of celestials and

humans alike, none escaping my wrath. I looked like them, bipedal and of human shape, though much

larger. I also had no face, for none was necessary, I saw all though they saw nothing, and a halo of

darkness floated around my head. I wore armor of the darkest midnight, shielding my moon­like skin

from all attackers. I was a Slayer.

Of course there were dark days even then, during the rebellion and the age of wonder I hid, afraid that

violence would only insight more violence. How right I was, even when I forgot it and began my

crusade. Now it is the age of Men, foolish as they are, and I seek to guide those I can, and eliminate the

others. My goal is to show them their errors, to show them the indecision inherent in all choices, but to

show them that does not mean it is wrong.

Prelude Planning:
Intro: It is midnight, on a Sunday, in downtown LA. George is huddled by a trash fire, in one of the many alleys filled with homeless drifters. She is overwhelmed by the crush of other people, as well as their stench. One of the homeless females begins pushing her way to the front of the trash fire, elbowing George out of the way in the process. “Watch your self, I’m just tryin’ to get warm!” she whines, further blocking you from the precious heat of the trash fire. “Where’s Don….?” wheezes an older man, trailing off into abrupt silence, a quizzical look, and then a fit of coughing.
Choice: Confront the homeless woman and risk being ganged up on by her friends. →causes a schism in the homeless group, with some supporting George
Choice: Go after the missing homeless and be lauded as a champion for the homeless.
→homeless now follow after her like puppies, sometimes adorably so, sometimes with consequences as it is hard to be inconspicuous
→pushy homeless woman takes insult to Georgia’s adoration

While traversing the alley to leave, she comes across a body, no ID, nondescript brown and plaid mismatched clothing, with claw marks across his chest. His tongue lolls at a funny angle, and his knit cap lies right above his head like a lumpy halo, with a red scarf that you can only slightly tell is splashed with blood drops. He smells of death, and as she watches, flies are gathering despite the cold, to feed.
→the ground is cold, and muddy, and there are tracks that lead towards the local park.

Back in Louisiana, Georgia’s parents are desperately searching for her…
(Desperate, gruff voice) “Hello? 9/11? This is John. John Buckholt. No, I will NOT hold, I’ve been searching for my daughter for…..Hello?” (slams phone down in frustration).

Optional Scene(nighttime scene):
As you are crossing the street to (Bleecker Street), a man in a beat up brown coat, with a full beard and a knit cap like the one you saw on the corpse, steps in front of you and shoves you down near the mouth of a side alley, then steps back and brandishes a bowie knife. He is greasy and strung out, and the smell of old cheap whiskey hits you like a freight train. His eyes keep darting to your purse, and he looks like he’s about to crash off some kind of high. “The wallet, I want….the wallet,” he says, (*beckoning gesture underhanded for giving something to someone*)
Georgia rolls Perception vs
The knife is rusty, bloodstained, and dangerously sharp, if cut, Georgia could contract Tetanus or something worse. The would-be mugger is bleeding from a gash in his left shoulder.
Mugger Stats:
Intimidation 1
Melee 1
Health Injured(4 boxes left until incapacitated)
Reward: Survival

At the Park
The tracks lead to the copse of trees at the center of the park, and slowly fade away. There seems to be light of some sort bouncing off the branches of the unusually thick wooded glade, but the source is not yet apparent. You hear a snuffing sound, as the fire is doused, and see three pairs of eyes scanning the area just as the light is extinguished, light reflecting off the corneas.
→George investigates and comes face to face with a group of homeless whose eyes glow in the dark.
One of the homeless, the woman who’d felt snubbed earlier, lets out an unearthly half yowl, half screech, and as you watch in helpless horror her tongue elongates, becoming  a fetid, black and purple thing, and as it licks its lips it lopes towards her on all fours, followed by the rest of the pack. They all converge at once, biting her and taking great chunks out of her, then plunging their tongues into the wounds and siphoning off blood. As you lay dying, you feel a presence, speaking in echoing tones inside your consciousness. “Georgia, I am Remiel, and I do not feel that today is a good day for you to die. We will avenge you, together! Let us hunt!” And with that, your bones and flesh begin to knit, as you feel Remiels consciousness press into your mind and fuse with your own. A flood of half-memories plays out in your head as you stand up, shakily, as you witness deaths and great battles on an earth that now only exists in memories, that of the ancient days.
Perception: Difficulty 6
Licker Stats:
3 health(Wounded)
1 dot in Potence
Strength 2
Dex 2
Stamina 1
Brawl 2
Fuckface(leader, fond of attacks on the face while the victim is grappling with Motherfucker)
Battle Screech: Intimidation 1 Charisma 1 (2 total) Resist at 7 difficulty
When Fuckface is near death, he frenzies and ignores all wound penalties/does lethal damage. If killed while the other two are alive, Georgia/Remiel can fear frenzy them into running off.
Douchey(leap attacker)
Scene: Revenge
→After a struggle where the ghouls try their combat tactics against her, Georgia/Remiel decimates the weird Licker-type ghouls.

Scene: Hiding

Georgia must now evade police pursuit, which paves the way for her to run into Colleen Belden and take refuge in her apartment.

Joseph recruited both the cantankerous older woman and a younger woman from the trash fire to investigate the disappearance of Don, one of the community of homeless. He found the body, and then when the mugger appeared, used a combo of intimidation and trickery to disarm him and get him to a homeless shelter. Then at the park, he tried wielding a branch against the ghouls, but was disarmed and gnawed on. The other two were eaten. Then Remiel appeared, and he escaped through the shadow to Colleens apartment.

Prelude Notes:
The prelude for Georgia went decently well, despite Joseph outthinking my confrontations at every turn. He wasn’t out to screw it up, he just outthought them, which is, I think, the sign of a seasoned and quality roleplayer. The IShowU software also crashed after recording the whole session but before saving it.

Things that could’ve been improved/things I learned:
I need to anticipate more lateral thinking from the players than I have been, as Joel pointed out, with players like Joseph it’s more like shaping an explosive charge to go off in the right direction and less like a→b→c. Also, I need to anticipate more initiative actions, and realize that the session not turning out like I thought it would exactly is not a failure. Also I found because of fatigue and having trouble hearing Joseph’s voice, that I was having trouble maintaining a proper state of mind, which is super conducive to both narrating well and adapting to the players actions.

Things that worked:
I found that even though the confrontation with the older homeless lady that I’d planned didn’t turn out that way, it was still a useful hook to get Joseph to go investigate. Also, I found that Joseph at least as far as Georgia half of the character, was more interested in diplomacy than combat if he could avoid it. Which was surprising. He did a fine job of talking down the dangerous homeless man with the knife and tricking him into going to a homeless shelter after taking away his knife. He then talked with me acting as Remiel, after heading to the park with the homeless trouble maker and a younger female, and then the possession occurred and he escaped the fiends through the shadow and ended up on Colleens doorstep. Mostly due to the fact that he realized his character wasn’t very combat heavy at this point aside from brawl and melee. The most surprising thing about it was that Joseph seemed content with the prelude despite it being only about an hour long, perfectly happy with what I thought was subpar narration and reaction to player choice on my part. It made me realize that doing your best is enough, even in something as black holish of a hobby as roleplay.

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