Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yet Another Update

Despite my audience being limited to crickets, I'm determined to post!! (somehow) Anyways, no bites on the wraith idea and in the end, I got ripped and had to replace the books Austin stole. But, contacted a fellow WoD gamer, who is interested in running a Vampire the Masquerade Larp here, as well as being amenable to cogming my Battle for LA tabletop!!! Also, been thinking and kicking around the idea of writing up a Nephilim fan supplement for Demon!! Talk to ya soon!!


  1. Also I cut the fuck out of my pinkie so this was very annoying to type.

  2. What would it take to get you to play in an online cWoD game?

    1. I'd be interested, once school stops in May.

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  4. I've only had a brief look (in the midst of doing other things) but thus far it looks very interesting. I hope you get into the habit of posting more though if you don't mind my saying it!

  5. Yeah I plan to, it's just rp has been so sparse around Montana I've not had enough to post about!